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Berner Zeitung BZ – Energy Management for Dummies

How much does my fridge consume? Thanks to the new myStrom adapters I can get this information quickly and simple – and I can switch on and off devices remotely via internet

Recombu – Powerline and power control combine in myStrom’s ECO adapters

It seems obvious when you hear it: combine powerline adapters with home energy management and control. Amazingly, Switzerland’s myStrom is the first to do it.

tng – Clever Energy-Management via Powerline and Cloud-Service

myStrom enhances their Powerline ECO-adapters with an inovative service which allows the measure powerconsumption of attached devices and switch …

Sonntagszeitung – Cut the power guzzlers

Now you can monitor and cut the power from your TV, PC & co. in an intelligent manner.